Burning Fat – Making the First Step

13 Jun

Let’s face it. Many of us think we know how to burn fat and what works best for us. We all have a common theory and agree that adjusting food intake and increasing physical activity, which is absolutely right. Funny enough, when confronted with the many different ways on how to burn fat, people start becoming sceptic and defensive. “Oh that won’t work for me…I’m different.” You’ll be surprised how many times I’ve heard this.

The truth is, many people are afraid to commit and even more afraid of challenge. They lack commitment and the drive to lose weight and keep the weight off. I don’t mean to be so blunt, but frankly, this is why so many of us stay fat.

We all know, at some level, how to burn fat. We just need to make the leap in making that first, and often hardest, step to commit. Procrastinating and saying you’ll start tomorrow will not get you any closer to losing that first pound. You need to make that step NOW. Even if it’s just baby steps, you’ll still make progress. Slow, yes, but steady progress. Besides, if you know anything about how to burn fat at all, you’ll know that slow and steady guarantees more permanent results.

Procrastination is a huge obstacle in achieving fat loss. It can be quite a plague really. It plays a role in other aspects of your life too. It makes you feel defeated, unmotivated and often guilty. None of which will help with your fat loss efforts. Procrastination is a killer and needs to be put behind us.

Here is a procrastinator’s guide on how to burn fat. The first step is to see the end from the beginning. Visualise how you’d like to end up looking and hold on to that image. Secondly, set a due date to reach your goal. The next step is where it gets a little bit complicated. Find out the estimated caloric intake specific to you to sustain fat loss of 1 pound per week. There are many online fat loss calculators out there you can use. Finally, just do it. Remember, there is power in momentum. Once you get started, keep going!

Fat loss is not going to happen by itself. Nothing will happen if you don’t take action. And that applies to anything in life. You need to get up and get out there to know if it works. So no more “It doesn’t work for me” excuses.

I can guarantee you that once you’ve got your feet wet you’ll never feel the same way again. You say you know how to burn fat, but that means nothing if can’t prove it.

You owe it to yourself to overcome this fat loss killer. How to burn fat if you’re not doing anything about it? Remember, it’s all about baby steps. Get yourself out of the trap and you’ll see immediate rewards, not only to your physical appearance but also in your self esteem, confidence and general outlook in life.