Motivation in the Midst of Corona

15 May

Here’s a question you can think about: how do you keep yourself motivated to your goal, when there is a global emergency? Whether it’s working out, building your business, or anything else, motivation becomes a challenge in this situation.

Hey, amigos. It’s your friend Nelson, right here. And, yes, it’s a big deal. Why? There’s a pandemic called the Coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) going on in the world out there. So every day, every second, that you can count yourself as not one of the affected is a blessing.

But while under the lockdown in my own area, I got to thinking about how this situation strains the individual. To some, it’s already hard enough to find the drive and motivation on an average day. And it is not really surprising that there are folks who experience depression and stress. I mean, just watching the news today can do that. Never mind that it’s during this terrible environment.

Keep Active vs. the Coronavirus

While I was musing about this predicament, I went ahead and did some research. I wanted to make sure there is a knowledge base in opposing this coronavirus. After all, much of the world is on a lockdown or quarantine. That certainly limits what you can do.

One of the key takeaways from my study is that the World Health Organization (WHO) itself encourages continuing to be active. According to the WHO, it is even more imperative to have constant physical activity during this Coronavirus pandemic.

There is a sound logic to this. Viruses like COVID-19 prey on the immune system. Or more specifically, these buggers take advantage of weak immunities. Physical

Motivation is just like a Muscle that needs EXERCISE!

activity, such as exercise, helps to keep the body’s immune system strong. The stronger your immune system is, the better equipped it is to fight off possible infections.

Aside from the physical benefit, being active helps with your mental and emotional state. There is a correlation between one’s physical health and mental well-being. That’s a good motivation to start with.

Positive Vibrations vs. the Coronavirus

“Good vibes” isn’t just a throwaway term. I’m sure you have heard about the Law of Attraction from somewhere. It’s a bit of a high concept understanding of how things work in the universe. It might not be easy for many folks to grasp, but the theories are sound.

I bring this up here because one of its key principles is about how everything is just a form of energy with different vibrations. Science tells us matter is just energy with different forms: solid, liquid, and gas. All of it is just differentiated by how each atom vibrates at a specific frequency.

With this in mind, one comes to the conclusion that our thoughts are just energy, too. And they say our thoughts determine our reality. If this true, then it’s in our best interests to keep our thoughts as positive as they can be.

Motivation is a Muscle

There is a familiar proverb that states “an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop”. Lack of motivation could be viewed either as a cause or a symptom of idleness. Either way, it is best to keep it away by keeping motivated. Treat it as a muscle that needs to be exercised just as much.

It does not have to be a complicated matter. There are simple things that you can do to keep motivation “up and running”. Here are a few suggestions based on my personal experience:

  • Picture your Future – To be more specific, picture your future with your goals achieved. Don’t dwell on the present, even if it looks bleak now.
  • Meditate and Practice Deep Breathing – I have a friend that taught me how to practice meditation and breathing exercises. It helps calm the mind and strengthens the vitality, if done properly.
  • The Little Things – By this, I am referring to the good things in your life. Rather than wasting your time focusing on what’s bad, it’s better to think about what’s good.
  • Take the First Step – Just like I did with taking advice from Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle system, taking the first step goes a long way in making the change. Motivation is just another manifestation that relies on MAKING THAT FIRST STEP toward your goals.

Keep Safe, Stay Strong

There is a lot of negativity in the world, even before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head out. But we don’t have to let it define our lives. Yes, we all have to make adjustments. Yes, it can be tough sometimes. But we can manage and endure to be better than we are today. And becoming a better man is’s mission statement! Be sure to visit again for more about health, fitness, and lifestyle hacks for the Alpha Males!

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