Manly Hobbies The Mark of the MaleMatter Man

19 Jul

Male depression is a real thing. Mental health concerns are something that everyone, male or female, may have to face. But one can better manage them by keeping the mind busy. However, it’s not simply about keeping busy. Otherwise, doing your taxes would work. This is why hobbies are important.

Medical experts highly recommend adopting a hobby. But you are a MaleMatter Man. Not just any kind of hobby will do. So, no collecting stamps or anything else that is so vanilla. While there is nothing wrong with these kinds of hobbies, these have a limited range of stimulation.

Effective hobbies that work up the physical, emotional, and mental capacity are more holistic. These have a more lasting impression. We already have limited time available in our hustle and bustle world. Sometimes, you just feel like sleeping or sitting on a bean bag after a long day. Thus, it’s important to make every second count.

Another side benefit is having a hobby gives you a point of conversation. On the dating scene, a conversation starter like an interesting recreation is golden.

Manly Hobbies: The Basics

Like I mentioned, if you are going to get a hobby, make sure it offers more than one form of stimulation. Why do something if it is not going to be worth your while? So here are some basic elements of hobbies for you to consider:

  1. Stimulate at least two areas – in this regard, it should not just be one of either physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual stimulation. It should be two or more of these. It’s efficient and the enjoyment lasts longer.
  2. Learn New Things – Adopting a hobby that makes you learn something new is the best kind. Becoming a well-rounded individual is part of what makes a MaleMatter Man. As a side note, you might find it useful down the road, perhaps even to earn money.
  3. Maximizes Your Time – Because our time is always limited, then our hobbies should be worth its weight in gold. Hobbies that take a more than several minutes is good for this. If you have a one or a couple of hours per day to do the hobby, that works well.

These fundamental benefits should help you gauge what hobbies you could get into.

Manly Man Hobbies For You

Here are a few ideas of hobbies for the Alpha MaleMatter Man. These check all the boxes, so to speak. While these are not the only ones you could get into, they should give you a starting point and explore other options.

Martial Arts – Practicing martial arts is one of the most holistic extracurricular activities a man can get into. There are numerous styles to choose from. Karate, Wushu, Aikido, Kali… the list is endless. What’s important is that the martial art you engage in teaches self-discipline as well as controlling your emotions. Many martial arts include meditation as part of its teaching. And we have explored the wondrous positive effects of meditation before. A definite win-win!

Hiking – Hiking it out in the wilderness is great exercise, but it also gets you closer to nature. Hiking builds endurance and you can learn new things about the environment. This is great if you are already living near hillsides, mountains, rivers, and similar geographic formations. However, if you are living in the city, this limits the option for weekends.

Build a Gaming PC – Here’s a tip: Macs are boring. If you want to play video games, a PC is the way to go. And the enjoyment is not just with the actual playing. Building your own gaming PC is an enjoyable hobby. Just ask the Apex MaleMatter Man himself, Henry Cavill. The guy who portrays Superman, The Witcher, and Sherlock Holmes built his own gaming rig!

Build your Body – It goes without saying, but getting into a fitness regimen is one of the better hobbies for the MaleMatter Man. Aside from the obvious physical advantages with a regular exercise, you learn new ways of doing it effectively. Finding new ways to maximize your training is a challenge in itself. I strongly recommend checking out Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle” for reference!

Hobbies Work For You

One thing to remember about hobbies is that they should never feel like work. By that, we mean don’t do a hobby that does not interest you. If it feels like work, then it defeats the purpose. Hobbies make us feel better and appreciate life better.

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