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28 Jun

Hey, amigos! We have talked about what makes a MaleMatter Man. Again, the MaleMatter Man is not as arbitrary as being the trope of the “Alpha Male”. It goes beyond that. A MaleMatter Man is the complete package: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now, we will focus on how to become one. And CONFIDENCE is one of the key elements.

You Need to Feed the Beast!

There is an adage that “music is the food of the soul”. That is well and good, but for the “beast” that resides in the heart of a MaleMatter Man, it is confidence. Having the confidence to accomplish one’s goals is essential. Without it, even taking the first step outside the door is impossible.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to build up your personal confidence.

But you already knew that. Here’s the thing: I’m sure this isn’t the first article you have ever read about why confidence is important. However, oftentimes it lacks on the “how”. These articles can be such a tease in that way. As funny as it seems, building confidence is easier than most guys think.

How Do You Build Confidence?

Here is a hard truth: there is no one size fits all way of building confidence.

Now why is that? This is because every person, every man, is “programmed” differently. The programming we are referring to here is their environment. Things like their upbringing, their social circles, and their personal values, all of these are factors that vary in how confidence can be gained.

There is one common denominator in building confidence. Ask yourself this question: what makes you happy?

Why is this important? Think about it. When you are feeling happy, you have this sense of everything is right in the world. As the Law of Attraction states, emotions power your manifestations. Thus, if you feel happy, your confidence escalates. And when your confidence is high, things just fall into place for you.

Things to Do for Confidence Building

Here is a list of things that you can do to truly become a confidence machine, the MaleMatter Way!

  1. Believe

    – The late, great George Michaels had a song titled “Faith”. Pretty much the chorus of that just went “I’ve gotta have faith” repeatedly. But that is the core of building confidence. Faith. And I am not just talking about the religious kind.

    Believing in yourself and what you want to accomplish is confidence in its purest form. So get rid of even the slightest hint of doubt. Doubt blocks you from building your confidence. Tell yourself that whatever doubts you have is meaningless. And believe it when you say it. Speak it aloud (though maybe in private) that you believe and watch your confidence rise up beyond your expectations.

  1. Do Stuff

    – Seems very basic and general, but it is at the core of how confidence is built. It does not have to be “big”. Every little thing you accomplish is a confirmation of your ability to succeed.

    For example, if you are doing your starting exercises toward your fitness journey, that’s already an accomplishment! Do not downplay it. Bask in it. Appreciate your success. You will find yourself looking forward to the next day!

    I always emphasize that the subconscious needs to be trained to do what you want it to. It needs repetition to form a habit. This is why small victories matter. Think of it like convincing your inner child. And how do kids learn? By doing things! And when you do achieve your goals, enjoy it and pat yourself on the back. Which leads us to…

  1. Reward Yourself

    – Remember when you were a kid and you were rewarded for doing things well? Get good grades = ice cream for dessert! Did you do well in sports? A new pair of shoes from dad!

    As an adult, often the case is no one rewards you for a “job well done”. Even at work, it seems like appreciation is getting scarcer. So why not reward yourself instead? By setting a reward for your accomplishments, you are telling yourself (and the universe) that you are a confident man worthy of whatever he desires. Just make sure that the reward is commensurate with your accomplishment. Tipping yourself too hard can lead to complacency, so be careful.

  1. Live by Your Virtues –

    It seems “old school”, but virtues are a big deal in building your confidence. Having a set of values that you live by means you are a man of character. In the film “Kingsman”, the protagonists have a saying “manners maketh man”.

    It is not an empty mantra. Our virtues are what separate us from the base animals or the thugs in our society. When you are living in alignment with your value system, you are reaffirming your confidence in being who you are at the core. And what are you? You’re a MaleMatter Man!


These are 4 simple ways of building your confidence level to become a true MaleMatter Alpha Man. Believe in yourself, do things and reward your successes, and live by your virtues. In time, your confidence will reach its peak levels. At that point, you will find NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for you to accomplish. Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle System is a great resource for you to continue building your confidence with. Check out the full review here!

And come back next time for more MaleMatter news, information, and tips! Just remember: you are a confident man, the master of your destiny, and the man women love and others envy!

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