What’s Blocking Your Path to Fitness?

30 May

Cheers, Mateys! It’s your buddy, Nelson, here for another round of MaleMatter goodness. Now, I have rambled on in the past about getting into shape and its many benefits. I’ve been seeing more guys tuning in to the page, and that’s great! But it seems there is always some form of fitness blockages or barriers that stop a lot from jumping in. Today, let’s discuss and talk about overcoming those fitness blockages.

Fitness Blockages: What Are They?

First of all, let’s define the term. You cannot solve a problem, if you don’t know what it exactly is, right?

So, what are fitness blockages? These are internal and external influences that prevent a person from committing to activities and decisions that will lead to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Mostly, the major effect of a fitness blockage is the person just flat out does not want to exercise.

I get it. Getting into an exercise regimen when you do not or have never had one is not easy. But it is not impossible. Will it be hard at first? Yes, but if you let a fitness blockage make the decision for you, then you fail even before you try.

What are Common Fitness Blockages?

Now that we have defined the term, let us look at the most common fitness blockages. And boy, there sure are a lot of them. But let us take a gander at the 5 most common and these are as follows:

Lack of Time – This is probably the easiest and most infamous excuse for not getting into a fitness regimen. I have friends who have used the “I just don’t have the time” card played whenever they mention wanting to get fit. Work is usually the reason, but other things are often brought up, too.

Exercise is Boring – This is another familiar reason that is often used for not going through with any interest or plans in getting fit. Mainly, it is made by those who have never had any sort of experience with actual physical activity beyond that of school.

It Costs Too Much – This is the perception regarding the cost involved with getting into fitness. This comes from the imagery and advertising done by gyms and folks schilling exercise equipment. It creates a misconception of how money intensive adopting physical exercise and fitness lifestyles actually are.

Lack of Energy – This is similar to lack of time. But here the rationale is that other activities have taken too much energy to do anything else. Those who express this as a blockage will often have multiple mundane, everyday tasks that cause stress and drain stamina.

Self-consciousness – It might seem like an oddity, but one really common reason for not going forward with fitness plans is being conscious of one’s looks. It is odd, because many choose to get into fitness to look better. This appears to stem from the fear of how one looks before it even starts.

There are other fitness blockages such as fear of potential injury, familial issues, prior but unpleasant experience, and more. However, these are the “usual suspect”, so to speak.

Finding your desire to get fit blocked by something? There are solutions!

How Do You Solve These Blockages?

These are the blockages. Now what can you do about them? Fortunately, there are solutions to resolve these. If you are experiencing these, here are just some tips that can help:

Not Enough Time? Do Short Exercises – Perhaps having not enough time is a real problem and not just a made up excuse. However, you can overcome this by choosing to do short exercises. 5 minutes every day should be a reasonable time to sink in. The important part here is creating a habit. It’s better than NOT doing anything.

Bored with Exercise? Combine it with What you Enjoy – What activities do you enjoy doing? Are you a gamer? Watch Twitch videos during your workout. Do you like Classical Music? Play it while doing your dumbbell lifts. Perhaps you like talking to people? Encourage your friends or family to work out with you.

Cost is too High? Not True. – The high cost involved with a fitness regimen is actually a fallacy. If there’s anything I learned from Tom Venuto’s “Burn Fat, Feed the Muscle” system is that it does not have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, you can get by with just your body weight and the right instructions.

Short on Energy? You Will Get More – The shortness of energy can actually be overcome by the regimen itself. You just have to get started. Your body will adjust in time.

Self-Conscious? Use the Law of Attraction – There is a law of attraction principle referred to as “attracting who you are, not what you want”. Basically, it means you don’t attract what you want, per se. Instead, you attract who you are.

So replace your limiting, self-consciousness beliefs with visualizing what you can become after your fitness success. By projecting your body image as if you already have it, you become that.


Fitness blockages exist. Once you acknowledge that you are experiencing them, you can begin to resolve them. I reiterate that it might seem hard, but they are not impossible to overcome. The fact of the matter is, much of these blockages are all in the mind.

Check out the Building the Mind and The Muscle article for tips on how to motivate yourself through both mental and physical exercises. And keep coming back to MaleMatter.com for more about building the Alpha Male beast inside you!

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