Benefits of Less Fat, More Muscle

21 May

You always hear about why people at least TRY to get less fat and more muscle. And the number one reason is always TO LOOK GOOD. Now, while I’m not one to argue that it does improve one’s looks, fitness has more tangible benefits. A superior ratio of fat vs. muscle body mass goes a long way with improving your overall health, makes physical effort easier, and enhances your sexual power.

That’s a lot of great benefits, right guys? So why doesn’t every guy take advantage of it?

Health Benefits

A number of positive health effects can be attributed to having more muscle mass than fat tissues. One basic thing to remember is that fat tissue is actually biochemical energy. But it’s not in use, thus taking up space in your body.

On the other hand, muscles require energy. The metabolic connection of fat and muscle then improves when there is more of the latter. In other words, more muscles mean your body uses up more energy stored in fat. And the more it happens, the more the fat burns up. It’s fairly straightforward, but it’s undeniable.

And that’s just for starters! Having more muscle mass that’s also stronger promotes the rest of your body to adapt positively. Think about your elementary biology. You’ll remember that the muscle is connected to your bones and ligaments. Ergo, the result of stronger, more muscle mass also leads to strengthened bones. Muscle is also what prevents injuries, reducing the effects of impact and strain.

Stronger muscles also have tangential health benefits with your other important systems. Cardiovascular well-being is significantly increased with lower fat weighing on your lungs. On the other hand, increased muscle activity means more oxygen can be pumped into your veins. Greater muscle activity also enhances your digestion. And then there’s perspiration from muscular which cleans your body of toxins.

Muscle = Power

Anything that requires physical exertion involves the muscles. As mentioned earlier, fat is used by the muscles as a source of energy. With mightier muscles, greater exertion can be made. Anything from lifting that sofa in the living room to pushing your car that stalled, all are determined by your muscle power.

These may be little things, to be sure. But it all adds up. It’s especially important when you are trying to impress the ladies. Nothing speaks of the virility of a man than being able to perform feats of strength! And while we are on the subject of the fairer sex, let’s dive right into that.

Stronger Muscles Mean Better Sex!

No doubt about it, less fat and more muscle will make you a sexy beast. Great sex requires not just knowing how to make the “moves”. It’s also about having the stamina and the strength to do these. An obese body will have difficulty keeping up with their partner in bed. And that’s just something you would not want to experience.

Now, if you have your body built up for endurance and have strong muscles, your sexual power increases tenfold! There is just a greater satisfaction when you can see your significant other with a smile on her face after doing the deed. So why not build your body to have less fat and more muscle?


There really is no downside to having a better body. Less fat, more muscle gives you strength and stamina. Even if you are not an athlete, the benefits are enormous. Your only real obstacle is your level of motivation. So, how badly do you want it? Take that first step, just like I did when I chose to follow Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle system. Perhaps you will, too!

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