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21 Aug

Hello, brothers! Nelson here. It is time to tackle one of the dreaded topics. MALE FASHION.

Now, now. I know what you’re thinking. “There’s nothing wrong with my fashion sense!” Well, to you, perhaps. But if you have just a bunch of attitude shirts, a couple of jeans, and one reliable formal ensemble for your professional needs, then it needs a serious upgrade.

If you want to know what you need to add to your drawer and boost your man cred, then read on!

Why Does it Matter to Have a MaleMatter Fashion Sense?


Here is a hard fact of life, mi amigos. Every person out there, man, woman, or child, have assumptions based on IMAGE. Unless you live under a rock or are completely “off the grid”, this is important. You might not value what others think of you. That’s fine for most of the time. However, there will be situations when the impression you make can be supremely important.

Picture this: You’re applying for a job at a posh corporation. And what you are wearing for your interview is your “old reliable” pair of slacks, semi-formal shirt, and a tie you have had since junior high. That is not going to win any favors with the recruitment or human resources officer. Trust me. They’ll take note of that (having had tons of experience in these kinds of situations).

And what about the dating scene? Your acid-wash jeans and “Metallica” shirt might look attractive to some chicks, but not most of them. And if you are going to meet her folks, wearing this get up will likely mean you won’t get a second visit.

The good news is you do not have to put too much effort to improve your wardrobe selection. Nor do you have to spend a lot for fashion. You just have to be smart and informed to get your groove on!

The Bare Basics of MaleMatter Fashion

Bear in mind that you can have a minimalist wardrobe that checks off all the boxes. Also, brands do not matter for the most part. With the male fashion sense, function and comfort takes precedence over style. That being said, do not sacrifice the aesthetics. Look good and feel good, I always say.


  • Sneakers – a good pair of sneakers can last a long while. It’s great for every day and for physical activity. One thing to note is the color. Generally, opt for darker colors like black or navy blue. White sneakers are only good if you can maintain their pristine quality. The problem is white “kicks” will show the tiniest sign of dirt and damage.
  • Work boots – a pair of work boots (preferably steel-toed) can work well on everyday use. If you live near places where there are more cows than people (like Canada!), rugged work boots are a necessity. Even if you don’t, a good set of work boots is good for those times you’re expecting to be in rougher terrain.
  • Leather dress or oxfords – Listen now and remember. A pair of slick dress shoes or oxfords will make a bigger impression of your sense of style and discipline than any other piece of professional clothing. Black is the preferred color as browns require a bit more effort to work with the rest of your attire.


  • Blue and White – There are many colors of shirts, but blues and whites are essential for the MaleMatter Man. They work with any skin tone and are very versatile.
  • Minimize Graphic Shirts – Graphic shirts are good for when you are going ultra-casual, but have limited use. That “Spider-man” shirt looks great if you’re going to a comic convention or hanging out with buddies. It doesn’t work so well going out on a date at the coffee shop.
  • Dress shirt – collared long sleeves are a must. At least one should be white. Other colors to consider are navy blue and pink (yes, don’t laugh). Keep them pressed and clean as often as possible.


  • Jeans – Jeans are essential for any man’s arsenal. However, avoid ripped jeans unless you’re a rockstar. Blue and black are the only colors that are essential.
  • Dress pants/Slacks – Again, darker colors are preferred. Lighter colors like white, tan, or khaki take extra effort to maintain and stains and creases look worse on them.


  • Sports Jacket/Blazer – A couple of nice sports jackets or blazers will help complete most any setup that you start with. White shirt, denim jeans, and work boots? Put on a black blazer along with that set! Got your office attire ready? Add a tweed jacket over it and you look more professional!

Full Suits

  • Active Wear – Have at least one set of active wear. This is especially needed if you plan on having a regular exercise regimen. I myself had three workout suits after getting comfortable with Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” system.
  • Bespoke – Have one custom-fit formal suit. This covers you for those special occasions, whether it’s a wedding to a corporate meeting


Other essentials

    • Necktie (preferably black or dark blue) – Adds that touch of class. Make sure you learn how to properly tie it. Don’t use snap ons!
    • Sunglasses – whether you use aviators or Ray-bans, protect your eyes while looking good.
    • Belts – Have at least 2 belts, with at least one plain black leather strapped
    • Watch – 2 would be ideal, but one silver metallic chronometer on your wrist is a must-have

You Are Your Fashion

While it is true that a man is more than the sum of his parts, we live in a world of people judging you at every moment. Having a set of good and reliable clothes for all occasions is essential for your image and reputation. Keep that in mind!

And for more tips and essential information on being a true Alpha MaleMatter Man, keep following this page!

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