Fall Fashion Staples for Men

24 Sep

Fall-Fashion for men

How you dress says a lot about you and what better time to revamp your wardrobe essentials than the fall? You can always rely on trendy clothes to spruce up your fall fashion and last you till the end of this season (and hopefully beyond).

Here is a list of fall fashion staples for men that will be in style for years to come.

Top 12 Fall Fashion Staples


CardigansMan wearing cardigan

Both effortless and self-assured, cardigans are a timeless classic that really fits the fall aesthetic while putting in the work to keep you warm and cozy.



male monochrome outfitMonochrome

From head to toe, solid colors are coming into style and doing their part to make a bold statement. I usually go with the classic all-black route, but you’ve got an entire rainbow of colors to choose from.




Vertical stripesMan wearing stripes

Simple, elegant, and stylish. Stripes look great and keep your appearance refined. Stripes also make you appear taller and slimmer, and who can complain about that?


Male wearing nautical-themed beanieNautical

Workwear made hipster, nautical menswear is taking a dive into the sea to create an innovative new look. From fisherman beanies to Breton tops, it looks like the fishermen are here to stay.


Man wearing all whiteAll white

Monochrome meets class, all white is a tricky fashion trend to pull off but its worth it if done right.




Man wearing camp collar shirtCamp collar shirts

Perfect for a cool day by the beach, the camp collar shirt is a breezy, stylish collection to add to your wardrobe. The flat, lapel collar elevates your looks and gives the entire outfit a subtle focal point to tie everything together.


Man wearing parkaParka

Light parkas are your best friend during the fall season. Hooded coats that range from light fishtail to heavier fur-lined parkas, these pieces of clothing are lightweight and make a great fashion statement. They’re sleek, convenient, and comfortable. Not to mention, they are cheap to buy and last forever.



Sweaters with figures as motifs are becoming a staple of men’s fashion. Face motifs are at the top of the list in this category, especially during this season of fall fashion.

Man wearing quilted jacketQuilted Jacket

Sticking to the theme of outerwear, it’s time to talk about the quilted jacket. While these types of jackets are popular among the preppier fashion-oriented males, a quilted jacket can blend into most outfits and is both a comfortable and glossy addition to your wardrobe.


FlannelsMan wearing flannel

Are you surprised? The flannel is my go-to choice when it comes to fallwear, and for good reason. It’s cozy, soft, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When you want to feel comfortable but retain some semblance of style, flannel is the way to go. Stock up on a few flannels in varying patterns and colors and you’ve got a great reserve of back-pocket clothing for those lazier days this season.


ChinosMan wearing chinos

The most underrated yet comfortable and tasteful pants around, chinos fit almost all seasons and occasions. They’re especially great for the fall since they’re not too heavy and go well with boots or sneakers.


Man wearing work bootsWork Boots

Finally, the item that will bring your entire outfit together: the work boot. Work boots score high in longevity, warmth, appearance, style, and fit. Generally made of more rugged leather, work boots are ready to take a beating. Moreover, work boots add a nice masculine charm to your overall look, boosting your confidence, and looking great while doing so.

One Last Thought

Remember, before you buy any piece of clothing for your wardrobe, ask yourself: am I comfortable wearing this? If you hesitate even for a second, don’t buy it. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, it shows and people will take notice.

Being comfortable in what you’re wearing is the first step to becoming a more confident and self-assured you. Try out some of my fall fashion suggestions above and discover your sense of style.

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