What is the PC Muscle?

20 Apr

What is the PC MuscleGood day, gentlemen! We have opened the floodgates to male sex enhancement knowledge available here at MaleMatter.com. But one important point to note is that this is about male sexual health. It is not all about penis enlargement. After all, what can you do with a titanic penis that can’t stand at attention when duty calls? This might be surprising to hear, but there are a surprising number of men out there who have amply-sized penises but have trouble getting it up. This is why the PC muscle is so important!

What is the PC muscle? Glad you asked. Because that is exactly what we will be discussing in detail today.

What is the PC Muscle?

The pubococcygeus muscle, aka the PC muscle, is an important yet often neglected part of the human body. This is particularly true of the male population. The PC muscle or muscles are the main components of the human body’s pelvic floor. These pelvic floor muscles play a key role in making sure the bladder and bowel movements are running properly. And not for nothing, but it also supports the uterus among women.

The most common occurrence where you would actually feel your PC muscle working is when one is urinating. The PC muscle would control the release and flow of the urine. The stronger your PC muscle, the more efficiently one’s urine flows comfortably. Moreover, you can start and stop without difficulty.

An unhealthy PC muscle can lead to different problems. Note that it is only one of the three major pelvic floor muscles. The bladder and the sphincter muscles are also part of this system. But if one of these is neglected, the entire system becomes problematic. Incontinence, difficulty with passing stool, and even prostate cancer are possible health concerns that may develop.

But what does this have to do with male sexual performance? Well, the PC muscle is also responsible for controlling the ejaculation of semen. As you can imagine, a weak PC muscle would lead to problems with one’s sexual experience. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, two of the most dreaded conditions among men, can often be attributed to a malfunctioning PC muscle. Or rather, this is because the pelvic floor lacking in proper exercise.Male-Matter-Alpha-PC-Muscle-Kegel

Is It Possible to Strengthen the PC Muscle?

Well, there is some good news. Just like any other muscle, the pubococcygeus muscle can be made stronger with proper and regular exercise. And it is not hard to do. Exercising the PC muscle can even be done while casually sitting down.

These PC muscle exercises are collectively called Kegel exercises. These exercises were named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who developed the foundation of the exercises. Kegel exercises were created for both men and women and not specifically to improve sexual performance. It’s actually more aligned to women, particularly those who have difficulties before and after childbirth. But the positive effects in these areas should not be ignored.

Before you go about doing Kegel exercises, you should first have a clear understanding of where your PC muscle is located. The general area is the taint, but you ideally want to get more specific. To accomplish this, check your muscles the next time you urinate. You can try stopping the urine flow to see which part of your pelvic area flexes. This may feel odd and uncomfortable at first, but it is worth it when you have a clearer idea of what muscles to focus on when exercising. Then you can start urinating again to feel these muscles relax as the bladder is emptied.

Be mindful not to do this start-and-stop method too often. This is only for getting a better idea of where the PC muscles are.

Kegel Exercises for Better Sex

Now that we have demystified the location of the PC muscle, you can now concentrate on it properly. You can also feel for it using two fingers. Reach between the testicles and the anus in the taint area. Now, flex the pelvic muscles as if you would when urinating or when ejaculating during sex. There should be a pulsing sensation.

Doing this regularly is already one of the basic forms of Kegel exercise. Here are further instructions on Kegel exercises you can try:

  • Squeeze the pelvic muscles.
  • Keep this squeeze held for 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Slowly release this squeezing.
  • Relax the PC muscles for 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Repeat this process 10 times.
  • After 10 repetitions, rest for a minute
  • You can do it again for another 2 to 3 sets.

You can perform a series of these Kegel exercises multiple times a day. However, we would recommend no more than 3 times a day, at least at first. Eventually, you will feel more comfortable with Kegel exercises. You can even work on your abdominal flexes during these exercises.

And as was mentioned earlier, you can pretty much do these Kegel exercises at any time. Sitting down and working? Playing video games? Lying down and can’t sleep quickly? All of these can provide an opportunity to do your Kegels!

Benefits of Exercising the PC Muscle

Within just a week of regular PC muscle exercises, you will notice changes. When you are urinating, you will have less occurrence of dribbling when you’re finishing up. As every guy knows, that’s a plus! In the long run, well, that’s when the sexual performance bonuses come in.

Most will experience stronger erections and more stamina during sex with their partner. The orgasms will also be more intense, as the pelvic muscles will contract more aggressively and multiple times at the climax.

Try it out, and let us know how well it works for you! And watch out for more advanced Kegel exercises in the future and how to make the most of your lifestyle here on MaleMatter.com!

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