What is Jelqing?

13 Apr

What is JelqingGood day, Male Matter brothers! Now, I’m sure you have seen the title of our topic today. And you have no doubt encountered it at one point or another. That’s especially the case when you typed in “Natural Penis Enhancement” on your Google search. So what is jelqing exactly? And how does it help you attain stronger and thicker penile shafts, as well as enhancing your sexual performance? Read on, my friends, and we will demystify the exercise called jelqing!


Jelqing: From Ancient History to Modern Day

Let us be honest: for as long as the male of the human species has existed, touching and playing with our penis has been done. Whether it is by accident or by instinct, it just happens. And it is perfectly natural. Our closest primate cousins like apes and monkeys do it. However, the desire to enhance the penis is something uniquely human. And using our hands to somehow induce an improvement is just the natural extension of that.

You might be surprised to discover that jelqing has formally been around for nearly as long as civilization has. This ancient form of penile exercise finds its origins from the Middle East. Arabian history has the oldest texts referring to jelqing. The word itself is the Latin translation of the Persian jalq (which literally means “to masturbate”). Often, this is followed by the verb zadan (which is Persian for the act of hitting or striking). But don’t take that literally! Jelqing is actually not performed with a lot of force. And we wouldn’t recommend striking your penis (we’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty!).

Now, fast forward to the modern day, and we have generations of men interested (sometimes even obsessed) with penis enhancement. We can pin the blame on nature, but media in general and porn particularly have contributed to this.

Now let us get this straight, pun intended. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more with regard to your penis and sexual attributes. It is the same fundamental drive that pushes men to improving their muscles, exceling in sports, or play competitive video games. But it should be done the right way, in order to attain success and true satisfaction. Jelqing is no different.

Why Choose Jelqing?

As pointed out, there is a growing number of men out in the world who want to improve their penis size. Instead of denying that fact, we should embrace it as it is and address it. But with that fact established there are also too many willing to pursue invasive surgery. This is a potential problem, as these forms of surgery, such as penoplasty, dermal filling, fat injections, and silicone injections, can have potentially dangerous side effects and do not guarantee long term success. And that’s not even considering the monetary cost, which can be in thousands of dollars.

Jelqing offers a safer option. But this requires patience, proper execution, and constant practice. It should be noted that medical professionals have not provided any “conclusive” empirical evidence. But with generations of jelqing practitioners swearing by their effectiveness, it’s worth a try at least, right?

The principle of practicing jelqing is not too different from how bodybuilding induces muscle growth and development. Constant exercise causes muscles to tear and repair themselves. In time, this leads to cell and tissue growth. But while bodybuilding is based on muscles, jelqing centers on developing the blood vessels and penile tissue.

While the actual length and size increase from jelqing can vary widely, the exercise can definitely improve your sexual performance. Longer erection time, increased stamina, enhanced blood circulation in the penis, and developing a personal discipline to care for your penis are all beneficial results from progressive jelqing exercises.Male-Matter-Penis-Enhancement-Jelqing

How to Perform Jelqing the Right Way

Before moving forward with the actual jelqing exercises, here are a few important points and suggestions:

  • Wash and clean before you do the exercises. This will loosen up the tissues and get rid of unwanted dirt.
  • Prepare your penis by applying a warm compress for 5-10 minutes. A hot towel can be used for this, but make sure it is not too hot that it causes pain.
  • Light cardio exercise prior to the jelqing is also a good idea to provide healthy blood circulation.
  • Use lubrication. Petroleum jelly or, even better, natural essential oils.
  • Do not perform the exercise with a fully erect penis. A semi-erect penis is fine. If you feel a full erection, relax for a minute until it returns to a semi-erect state.
  • Do not do these exercises more than 1 to 2 times a day. Remember, this requires consistency not speed.

With these suggestions in mind, follow these instructions for two forms of jelqing exercises.

Exercise 1

  • Grip the penis glans or head with one hand.
  • Stretch it upward and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Slightly relax and pull to the right. Hold for another 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the previous step toward the left side.

Exercise 2

  • Grab the base of the penis with your dominant hand, forming a circle with the index finger and thumb (think of it like the O.K. sign). Hold it tight without being uncomfortable.
  • Gently and gradually increase the pressure and tightness of this hold.
  • Slide the O.K. circle upward the penile shaft toward the glans of the penis.
  • Do the same O.K. circle with your other hand as your hand reaches the base of the glans.
  • Repeat the process and continue for 10 to 20 minutes.

With this second exercise, you can go slowly until you get a comfortable pace. The motion should take about 3 to 5 seconds in a smooth transition. Furthermore, you can repeat Exercise 1 after finishing Exercise 2. This will allow your penis to relax and get accustomed to the practice.

Stronger, Faster, Higher

Jelqing is a great penile exercise, but remember that it takes time. Do not be discouraged if you do not see any immediate improvements.

We have more penis enhancement content lined up in the future! So keep your eye on MaleMatter.com for living your best alpha male life!

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