4 Essential Things to Do During Winter

23 Feb

Do you know how to change your car tires for winter tires? Are you debating getting a snowblower for winter? Here are the top 4 things to know for when winter comes and how to do them.

So, essentially we’ll be talking about CHORES. And not just any chores, but winter chores. I know, I know, not many like to work during the winter seasons. But why wait for spring to do the cleaning and other stuff? Winter months provide one with the opportunity to do chores that we might otherwise not have time for! Let’s look at what manly (and not-so-manly) chores we can do during winter!


Men and Winter Chores

Before we go forward with discussing chores to do for the winter, let us address the elephant in the room. Men DO NOT LIKE CHORES. I know. Big surprise.

But really, it can’t be blamed on us. It is hardwired in our genes. And it is in our culture. And yes, we get those “looks” from women regarding equality. But that is simply the way it is. Housework and other mundane chores that do not involve cars, gadgets, games, guns, outdoors, and tech make us groan. But somebody has to do it. And if the missus or the significant other says you have to do it, then you have to do it.

Now, having said that, you can acknowledge what chores you can do well and what you can’t. There is no shame in admitting there are winter chores you can do well, and some that you are not comfortable with. If that is the case, try to discuss with your partner, family, or housemates how you might be able to divide the chores for winter between you.

4 Winter Chores for the Male Matter Man

Now, let us look at the top winter chores that any Male Matter Man can do. Note that not all of these can be called “manly,” per se. But they are all important and can win you brownie points with your significant other for doing them (and maybe get a reward during those cold, winter nights. Hubba!).

Clean and Clear the Closets

This is a good place to start. Cleaning the closet and clearing it of unnecessary stuff during the wintertime can be even therapeutic. You will note that the closet is one of the most common places where a lot of stuff gets well, stuffed in.

Removing the clutter gives you more space for more important things. Here is a good yardstick: If you haven’t worn a clothing item for a year or so, then you might consider packing it away for summer, donating it, or throwing it out. You’ll be surprised by how much you will be able to clear your closets of space.

You can also make a checklist and do an inventory of the clothing pieces you move out of the closet. After the winter months, you can either sell it off to a garage sale or donate it to a worthy cause.

Clean the Laundry Room

The laundry room is often one of the dirtiest, grimiest rooms in a household. That sounds kind of contradictory, but you have to consider these points. The laundry room is where you clean up your clothes. All that accumulated dirt and stuff clings to the surfaces.


If you have not been doing regular general cleaning of your laundry room, this winter is the best time to do so. The cold atmosphere means the grime will likely stick together. The interior of your washer and dryer will probably need the most attention. Run a wash cycle with an appropriate cleaner. Clear the dryer’s lint filter. Go over the floor with a mop and a dry cloth after. You’d be surprised at how appreciative your best girl will be with a clean laundry this winter.

Pay Attention to the Air-conditioning

Unless you live in a location that’s cold the whole year round, you will likely have your AC unit on during the months before fall. If you have not stored and cleaned it yet, now would be the time to do it.

If it is a window type unit, keep it in a dry location so that moisture doesn’t build up and even frost forms, as that will shorten its lifespan. Check the filters and remove the built-up dust and lint. Also, make sure to clean the condenser coils. Water pans will probably have built up dust that hardened over the colder temperature.

Note that you might need some help with the average AC unit, due to its weight and size. When in doubt, though, just hire a professional!

Floor Control

Cleaning the floor for winter goes beyond just vacuuming. Your floors are particularly vulnerable to getting wet during the cold winter months. Non-carpeted areas should be cleaned with a good broom. It saves you some electricity.

Your placemats should be kept clean, so have replacements cycled for daily use. If you only have indoor mats, I’d suggest putting outside mats on the most used doorways. This is so that footwear that might have remaining moisture from the placemat outside is dried off on the placemat inside, where the heater affects the air.

You might also want to consider getting sandals for your indoor footwear. Do this for each member of the household. This keeps your feet warm and avoids having shoes from outside being used on the carpeting.

Cold Winter Cleanup

The cold during winter makes us all lethargic. So doing chores might not be an attractive proposition. But it is rewarding to see and feel a cleaner environment. You’ll certainly love the feeling of having more pristine surroundings as you enjoy the hot cocoa and marshmallows.

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