How to Continue Exercising in the Winter

29 Jan


It is difficult to exercise during the winter months. Anyone with an interest in fitness knows how hard this can be. This is why we will look at the reasons for this perceived difficulty and the possible solutions to continue exercising in the winter!

Why is it Hard Exercising in the Winter?

I might be betraying my age here, but remember the scene from Rocky IV of Rocky’s training montage? For those who haven’t seen the movie, it stars Sylvester Stallone as the titular boxer. The scene in question is the part where Rocky has to train under the harsh, snowy environment of the Siberian tundra.

Rocky finds it difficult to perform his usual boxing routines to train. The conditions are not ideal for his plans. The extreme cold stiffens his muscles. Weights feel heavier because of the clothing that limits movement and flexibility. And the low temperature hits his immune system. But Rocky keeps training and eventually gets used to the conditions. He is able to get a proper workout for the big fight against his rival, Ivan Drago.

Although the training montage is a hyperbole and artistic license is taken, there is truth to the presentation. The cold weather certainly presents challenges. But these challenges can be overcome. And with persistence, a guy can attain noteworthy benefits that normal conditions for exercise do not offer.

Why Not Just Skip Exercising in the Winter?

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you, stagnation leads to losing gains. The more used to physical exercise one’s body is, the more they have to maintain the routine. If you already had an exercise regimen set up, stopping during the winter months will likely mean a loss of your progress. This is because they have more to lose.

The winter season also means a ton of food, thanks to having a series of holidays around the time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas… regardless of where you are, these months are likely to lead to festive eating. And with all that food, the lack of physical activity would compound the situation.

Thus, it is in your best interests to keep exercising in the winter. But, as your buddy, I do recommend a few tips and tricks to make it less of a chore. Combining these tips with your consistent practice, you can still get great results!

Working on Exercising in the Winter


Here are a few tips to keep having an exercise and fitness regimen during the winter months:

  • Bulk Up — The good news is the wintertime offers opportunities to bulk up. Weight training is best suited for indoor workouts anyway.
  • Mix Up Your Workouts — If you have been meaning to add variety to your regimen, then winter is the time to do it. For instance, if you regularly go with just cardio and high impact training, add some weight training to the pot. If you are more into the flexibility and endurance for marathons, add some upper body exercises such as bench presses and dumbbell lifts. One can easily lose interest due to boredom, but a little variety helps keep you on point.
  • Get Warm — It goes without saying, but getting sufficiently warm is imperative. The right clothing is essential for getting your exercise benefits even during winter. With enough clothing to work with, you can still do laps outside. Just make sure you have enough layers to protect yourself from the elements.
  • Get Online Assistance — If you used to work out in a gym, the cold weather might not allow regular visits. As the climate gets worse, indoor exercise becomes your only option. Unless you have a personal trainer that comes to your home, you might want to consider tutorials and trainers on YouTube. While their lessons can usually be broad and might not fit everyone, they can be very useful.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated — The cold can often fool your body with regards to hydration. Always get sufficient water to drink before and after every workout session. Staying hydrated is important in keeping your muscle fibers limber and flexible.


Here’s one last tip for you for exercising in the winter. The weather encourages eating and resting. That sounds contrary to the goal of exercising. But a key part of building muscle is sufficient food and gaining enough rest during recovery. That’s one of the important lessons I learned from Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” system! Check out the review here!

And visit us regularly for more information and tips to become a true Male Matter man!

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