The Vitamins Necessary to Lead Efficient Lives

2 Mar

The Vitamins Necessary to Lead Efficient LivesHere at, we continuously strive for healthy living and becoming the best man you can be. But you can’t do diddly squat if you are not getting the right nutrients your body needs.

The thing is most guys think they already know what’s best for them when it comes to vitamins. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. Just like asking for directions, an unwritten rule seems to exist that a man just has to automatically know what vitamins are right for him. Worry not! We are going to explore the core vitamins necessary to lead efficient lives today!

Getting the Right Vitamins to Lead Healthy Lives

Here is a hard truth, my friends: We do not get sufficient levels of vitamins from just eating. Not in this modern world. Even if you were eating as healthy as you can, you will more than likely be missing out on the recommended daily intake of vitamins. In fact, the world is experiencing a vitamin deficiency across the board.
Male-Matter-Vitamin-SupplementsYou might not be feeling the effects of it. However, it is virtually a given that you have a deficiency in more than a couple of vitamins necessary to lead a healthy life. The lack of these vitamin levels might not be immediately apparent, but they bite back in the long run.

If this is the case, then what can you do? Well, the answer is relatively simple: Vitamin supplements.

The use of vitamin supplements has been around for centuries. Herbal extracts and oral drug synthesized vitamins and minerals are approved and used regularly. The tricky part is knowing what and how much of these to take.

Multivitamins are a safe bet, but some of us may need more specific ones to take. After all, every man has a different lifestyle than others. So there may be lapses here and there.

Top Five Vitamins for Males

The following list is generally encompassing. We have taken the initiative to not only look at the benefits but also touch on what the lack of such vitamins leads to. After all, sometimes you will not know you are lacking in these nutrients until you experience some sort of consequence. At the very least, you will be able to have a rough gauge to base your attention on.

  1. Vitamin D – Interestingly, Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies that affect the population. It’s odd because the most abundant source of it is the sun. Many may believe that just a couple of hours under the sun would be sufficient. However, because of the modern sedentary lifestyle, a lot of people are not getting enough sunlight to meet Vitamin D requirements. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to weak bones, depression, and a general lethargic feeling.
  2. Vitamin C – When you talk about vitamins, Vitamin C is going to be mentioned. Everybody and his uncle is going to espouse the benefits of Vitamin C and what the lack of it can lead to. Often, it will lead to discussions about the common cold and the flu. And it’s true that Vitamin C affects the immune system. However, Vitamin C is also essential for having healthy gums, ligaments, bones, and muscles. If you work out or just exercise regularly, Vitamin C is necessary for recovering and keeping your cell reproduction going.
  3. Vitamin B2 – Also called Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 is part of the Vitamin B Complex family. Its importance cannot be discounted, as it is essential to keeping our energy up and for the efficient flow of blood in the circulatory system.
  4. Vitamin A – Vitamin A plays a part in keeping the immune system running smoothly. Studies have also shown Vitamin A deficiency contributes to the development of prostate cancer (and no man wants that). Even a short-term lack of Vitamin A can have temporary effects on your eyesight. If you find your eyesight blurry from time to time, a lack of Vitamin A may be the culprit.
  5. Zinc – Zinc is particularly important for men because it assists in producing protein and testosterone. Protein is essential for your muscle development and recovery. Testosterone is the male hormone. Both are needed to keep your sexual potency up. The deficiency of zinc can lead to erectile problems and libido. That is definitely not what any man wants to hear.

These 5 vitamins should be given the most attention for any Male Matter Man. All vitamins are important, but as males, some require priority over others. Fortunately, vitamin supplements for these are available over the counter.

MaleMatter Vitamins Essentials

If you need more than the oral supplements, you can meet your daily vitamin requirements to lead efficient lives with vitamin sprays. Take a gander at a fine selection right here!

Keep An Eye on Your Vitamin Levels

If you ever feel some insufficiency in your vitamin levels, observe the signals from your body. Use the list presented here as a starting point. Should you feel no positive change is happening, consult your health care professional. The more extreme the sensations are, the more likely the vitamin deficiencies are more prevalent than you might initially think.

And keep an eye out for more tips, information, and suggestions to live your absolute best as an Alpha Male here on!

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