Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Sex Life

23 Mar

Sex is one of the foundations of every relationship. This is because romance spices things up, especially if it keeps being reinvented. It reignites feelings and makes couples fall in love again. If you are looking to improve your sex life and want to spice things up, here are our top tips and techniques that can help you improve your sex life.

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Tips for Improving Your Sex Life

Like everything else, there are varieties of methods and means that work for different people. In this case, we will be teaching you some general tricks that will help your sex life. The tips cut across different personalities so you get to decide which one will work for you.

Before you choose which one you will go for, make sure it’s something you and your partner have agreed on (except if you want it to be a surprise). Better still, you and your partner can decide to try the tips and techniques together as it increases the excitement.

  • Start by educating yourself. Read articles like this one and books such as the kama sutra. When you read, you gain more knowledge of sex, its importance, and its benefits. By doing this, you prepare your mind to open up to more expectations of what is to come.
  • Maintain the affection between you and your partner, especially physical affection. Physical attention includes holding hands, hugs, kisses, pecks, cuddling, foot rubs, and massages. While cuddling, you could try fondling each other. Learn the weak spot on your partner’s body, and try to use it to your advantage by kissing them there.
  • Identify your sexual fantasies and write them down. You don’t have to be shy about it because it is what you want, and there is no shame in it. Identifying your fantasies will help you become more confident in discussing and trying them out with your partner.
  • While having sex, use lubrication to moisten each other. It shouldn’t be too much because it might reduce the excitement. But adequate lubrication goes a long way in making sex enjoyable. You could decide to use lubricants like oil, Vaseline, or the natural one from foreplay.
  • Although sex is a natural stress reliever, when you are not in the right mood, it can be a huge turn off for you or your partner. Try to inculcate meditation when you are stressed before you have sex. Meditation helps prepare your mind and puts you in the mood. You could also decide to have a relaxing bath as baths soothe nerves and reduce stress.
  • Food is also an essential ingredient in improving one’s sex life. Snacks like chocolate and certain fruits like banana (which is considered a happy fruit) can improve mood and sexual experiences.

Techniques for Improving Your Sex Life

The techniques here include the methods, approaches, and other specifics that can improve your sex life.

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Try Out New Sexual Positions

The first and most important tip to improving your sex life is to try out different positions. Remember that educating yourself about sexual tips and positions is essential here. The kama sutra, as I mentioned earlier, gives you an idea of various styles and positions that will spice up your sexual experiences.

There are more than 50 sex positions enclosed in the kama sutra, including the missionary, chair, sideways, twisted “x”, a-four, gliding, and tip-off, among others. If you already have a favorite, you may also decide to get a second favorite by trying out the positions you like.

Engage in Exercises

Doing exercises for better sex is another excellent technique. Some great exercises that can improve your sexual experiences include Kegels, cardio, push-ups, and lunges.

Kegel exercises are synonymous with both men and women. They help build and strengthen the pelvic muscles and their surrounding parts. They are also useful for tightening the vagina and boosting penis erection.

To do Kegel exercises, you first have to locate your pelvic muscles:

  • For women — You can locate and exercise the right muscles (the pelvic muscles) by stopping “in-between” while urinating or trying to hold back urine when you feel pressed. By deliberately holding and releasing urine when pressed, you are exercising your pelvic muscles.
  • For men — You can locate the right muscles (the pelvic muscles) by also stopping in-between while urinating or by tightening the anus that stops you from passing gas.
  • After you have identified your pelvic muscle, you decide if you will want to do it while lying down, sitting, brushing your teeth, or walking. Research has proven that doing Kegels while lying down for the first two consecutive weeks offers much better results.
  • Tighten your pelvic muscles and hold them like that for about 3 to 5 seconds, relax for another 3 to 5 seconds, and tighten the muscles again. Repeat this process 8 to 10 times in a rep. It can be done all round the clock: in the morning, afternoon, and at night. While doing pelvic exercises, avoid holding your breath.

Other sets of exercises that are good for improving sexual experiences are lunges, push-ups, and cardio. They help build strength, balance, and firmness in the hips, butt, and thighs, which are the most used parts of the body while having sex.

So, deciding to stretch your leg muscles through push-ups and squats can also help give you the strength to last longer in bed.

Bottom Line

What matters, in the end, is how much you want to enjoy sex. No one will know what you want and how you want it until you ask. So, determine and discuss the things you want with your partner and try them out together. Also, be open-minded towards your partner’s requests as they can make the experience better, too. You will surely not regret improving your sexual experiences.

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