The Keurig vs. Traditional Coffee Maker Debate

25 Dec

A set up of tradition drip over the cup coffee maker Are you debating between the traditional coffee maker and Keurig? Do you want to know the differences in taste and convenience? Here is all you need to know about the two coffee-making options.

We’ll get started with the Keurig machine, and then we’ll compare it with other traditional coffee makers.

The Keurig machine

The Keurig machine is a one-cup coffee maker that brews coffee by using individual pods.

Decades ago, lots of office workers had issues with bitter, stewed coffee that sat in pots all morning. So, the Keurig machine (along with its K-cups) was created to produce fresh instant coffee, thereby eliminating the era of bitter coffee. It became so popular and eventually, the home version was produced as well.

According to a 2013 estimate, 13% of Americans drink at least one cup of pot-brewed coffee each day.

A Keurig coffee maker pouring coffee into two cups

Keurig vs. Traditional Coffee Maker

The first major difference between the two coffee-making options is convenience. It is far easier to use a Keurig machine than to use a traditional coffee maker. Plus, there is a wide variety of flavours and other drinks to choose from. This explains why many Americans prefer the Keurig machine.

That said, the Keurig vs. traditional coffee maker analysis is far from done. One major disadvantage of the Keurig machine is the price. You have to pay for both the machine and the pods.

Moreover, the uses are limited to K-cups. If you are an environmentalist, the billions of K-cups that end up in landfills every year can cause great concern.

Traditional Coffee Maker vs. the Keurig Machine

In this section, I’ll compare traditional coffee makers with the Keurig machine. I’ll be using the Electric Drip Coffee Machine and the Single-Cup Pour-Over Drip Coffee Maker.

The Keurig Machine vs. Electric Drip Coffee Machine


Before Keurig and other similar brands, the electric drip coffee mashie was the gold standard for brewing coffee. It is simple to use. However, you need to know the right dose and coffee beans to use. If you don’t, the resulting coffee will taste bad.

That is not all. The electric drip coffee machine was responsible for the bitter coffee that the office staff hated. If you are going to drink the coffee as soon as it is brewed, it isn’t a problem. But, if you like to wait for a while, you’d end up with an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

But it all comes down to price and convenience. If you know your beans and like to drink your coffee fresh, then you can stick with the old-fashioned coffee maker. You’ll save some money in the process.

If you simply want a good cup of coffee without having to research the types of beans and measurements, go for a Keurig machine. Although It is about two to three times the cost of regular coffee makers, it will save you time and stress.

The Keurig Machine vs. Single-Cup Pour-Over Drip Coffee Maker

Master brewers prefer to use the single-cup pour-over drip coffee maker. Those who have mastered the art of brewing coffee prefer to stick to this coffee maker. It allows them to bring out those hidden flavours. If you are into specialty coffees, this is for you.

A set-up of a ingle-Cup-Pour-Over-Drip-Coffee-Maker

However, this comes at a cost. The single-cup pour-over drip coffee maker requires effort, patience, and skill. From preparing the equipment to making the right measurements, nothing can be left to chance. If you are up for it, get the pour-over drip and enjoy the world of rich, flavoured coffee.

But if you are not up to the task, go for a Keurig machine. It’s fast and simple to use.

The Keurig Machine vs Ground Coffee

The problem with ground coffee is that they lose their flavour if you store them for too long.

Freshly roasted coffee beans have strong flavours and aromas. In their first few days, they release a lot of carbon dioxide. After a week, they begin to release the CO2 slowly. Oxidation starts when enough CO2 has been removed. Once this begins, the beans will begin to lose their flavour and aroma, and there is nothing you can do to reverse the process.

Keurig machines ensure the beans stay fresh by locking them in pods. Without oxidation, the beans will remain fresh for much longer.

As in the case of the electric drip coffee machine, this isn’t an issue if you consume your coffee fresh. If you like to consume your coffee over a long period, the Keurig machine is a better option.

Bottom line

The Keurig vs. traditional coffee maker debate boils down to cost and convenience.

Many people simply want a good cup of coffee. They don’t want the hassles of storing beans or learning measurements. If you are one of those people, the Keurig machine is a better option (as long as the cost isn’t an issue).

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