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My Success Story!Hi,
My name is Nelson Gomez and I want to take a quick second and do a review for you – and unlike many of the burn the fat feed the muscle reviews out there, I actually know what I am talking about!

Here Is Why:
For most of my life, I was ridiculously overweight and extremely out of shape. Throughout school, I was always the last person chosen when it came to sports and on top of that, I’d get called names that were – oftentimes – hurtful.

For years I accepted my fate and assumed I was meant to be the fat kid on the block that would never amount to anything in life. I had absolutely no self-confidence, was terribly depressed and had not an ounce of motivation in me to do something about the state I was in!

All I can say is… life was not exactly easy for the overweight young man I was.

Then it happened…
One sweaty hot summer day, while waiting for my dentist to call me in, I tried making myself comfortable in the dentist office waiting area – and as I painfully squeezed myself in to one of the tight chairs – I embarrassingly felt how everyone in the room was staring at me. I felt disgusted with myself!

Pretending I never noticed anything, I took a magazine from the coffee table next to me and started flipping through it.

I came across some pictures of what I thought was a model, and upon reading the description, I found out that it was a man by the name of Tom Venuto – the author and mastermind behind Out of pure frustration I started reading the intriguing article next to this “poser”.

THAT was my first introduction to Tom Venuto.

Anyways… while reading the article, I felt an instant connection to the author as he related how he for 14 years of his life tried everything and yet failed at losing weight. It was my story… I too had tried for years and years and nothing seemed to work for me.

I was almost drooling over the magazine – consumed by the article – when the dental assistant called my name.

I panicked, rolled the magazine in my right hand and followed the young lady to the little corner room where the dentist surprisingly was waiting for me.

A long story very short, I ended up leaving that dental office about 45 minutes later with that magazine still in my hand.

Do I feel bad about stealing it? Maybe a bit. I am certain though that if anyone knew the impact this magazine has had on my life, they would have no problems with me taking it.

Anyways… Tom Venuto!

I researched this guy and came across an ebook he wrote on how to lose the weight, burn the fat, feed the muscles, etc, etc… just powerful Powerful POWERFUL stuff!

Today, I weigh approximately 175 lbs, have less than 10% body fat, have a super good self image (I look good… and I know it!), and I now live life on an energy level I never thought was possible.

Do I need to say more?

“Burn the fat, feed the muscle” works, and it works wonders!

Forget the weight loss shakes, pills or myths that actually hurt your body beyond repair. Stop starving yourself and start doing things the right way, the smart way, the only way, the Tom Venuto way!

Order your copy of Tom’s “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” guide by clicking the button below and get ready to turn your life around for the better – starting today!

No great thing has ever been done without step one – and getting Tom Venuto’s guide was that first step for me. It changed my life and I know it will do the same for you, but if it doesn’t – you can always take Tom up on his 30 day money back guarantee!

Does that sound fair?

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