A Guide to Men’s Winter Fashion

5 Feb

Hey, brothers! Nelson here again. And here’s another round of suggestions and tips to make the most of your Alpha Male Matter energy. Today, let us discuss a topic that is often ignored. And that is the ideal way of getting your men’s winter fashion groove on.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Men’s winter fashion isn’t hard at all! Well, that’s what most guys would like to think. But the fact of the matter is, just like with directions, most guys do not bother to ask what they should wear during the winter months. It’s one of those things that you, as a man, should supposedly “automatically” know.


Perhaps it’s a matter of silly pride. Or perhaps it is just that the other guys scoff at being asked such a question with an “obvious” answer. But is it really that obvious? Let’s delve into the topic of men’s winter fashion.

The Basics of Men’s Winter Fashion

There are two points of consideration when regarding winter fashion. The first one goes without saying: It should protect you from the cold. The second point is more subjective: It should look good.

And this is where the disconnect seems to root from. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead asking “what looks good” to another guy. Most wouldn’t even ask their friends and family. Any discussion related to men’s winter fashion would be thought of as vain. And vanity is construed as not being manly.

Now, this is where I come and chime in, brothers. No, you didn’t have to ask. In a way, I’m doing this for me, too. I have been where you guys are. And where I didn’t have the practical and functional advice in my younger days, you will have yours from me right here. Consider it one of my efforts in paying it forward, as I learned through Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle” system on how to improve myself.

Men’s Winter Fashion Essentials

Here is a list of winter fashion essentials that every Male Matter man’s closet should have. You can choose any brand as long as they fit the aesthetic and functionality you are looking for.

Top Layer

  • Overcoat – A good overcoat will provide you with some protection while dressing up your wardrobe. Wool is the preferred material. While it does not have the level of protection as a much larger and thicker coat will, an overcoat is better suited for everyday use. Unless the weather is too cold, a wool overcoat will keep you warm enough. It is suggested to not go overboard with the design. Solid, earthy colors such as browns, blacks, and dark blues are top choices.
  • Trench Coat – A timeless classic. The trench coat has been a staple of Western fashion for the males of the population for over a century. A good trench coat will give you some protection not just from the cold, but also to the elements like wind and rain. This is one of those men’s winter fashion pieces where you cannot really go wrong unless you choose a color that’s too garish (though that doesn’t stop Dick Tracy, so your mileage may vary). It can go well with either casual attire or semi-formal wear, polo shirts or turtle necks.
  • Parka – When you are expecting some heavy snow or freezing cold, hold off on the trucker jacket. Instead, get a parka. Parkas give ample protection from the climate and cold. Choose an average length parka, but you can go with a lengthier down parka that reaches to your knees. Spend a little more to grab a down parka with a lighter material. Aside from looking better, it gives you some freedom of movement that a standard parka would not. Greys, blacks, and blues do fine, but dark greens or browns and even reds are good, too.
  • Jacket – A leather jacket or a nice denim jacket can be the mainstay of your men’s winter fashion look. These are just versatile choices and can be worn even during non-winter months. That makes them a great investment for your long term male fashion arsenal.


Under Layer

  • Sweater – A sweater works on its own, but it can also look good under a good overcoat or jacket. Rather than a pull-up sweater, choose the zip-up variety. Zip-up sweaters fit well for office to casual hanging out times. A zip-up sweater can also work on its own, but with a shirt or polo shirt layer underneath as well.
  • Turtleneck – Speaking of turtlenecks, these are a must during the winter season, too. A good fitting turtleneck works with any ensemble men’s winter fashion. Pair it with a blazer, a trench coat, or an overcoat and instantly add sophistication to your look. Black is the default color choice, but navy blue works just as well.

Men’s Winter Fashion Optionals

While these fashion pieces do not necessarily have to be in your wardrobe, they are sure to round out your men’s winter fashion sets. Mix and match to see what best applies.

  • Leather gloves – Rubber or wool gloves are fine for home use, but going outside, you might want to invest in one or two pairs of soft leather gloves. Leather lasts long and keeps heat more effectively while keeping stylish. At the very least, it won’t make you look like you’re still in the third grade of school by wearing mittens.
  • Beanie – Beanies aren’t reserved for the street-level style anymore. In the absence of a nice fedora, a wool beanie works great in keeping your head warm during the cold months. Just try to avoid overly bright-colored beanies that will break the rest of your attire. Keep it simple with grays, off-whites, blacks, browns, or blues.
  • Scarf – Interestingly, scarfs have become less prevalent in this current generation. Thicker clothes are preferred, but a nice scarf can keep the neck area from being exposed while not looking shabby. For the colors, treat it like you would an office tie. Neutral colors of grays, blacks, and browns are ideal scarf options.
  • Vest – A good vest is great for those times you need to go heavy duty with your winter ensemble. Additional pockets are welcome, but they also add a layer of protection. Once out from the cold, a nice vest keeps that rugged essence to men’s winter fashion.


Men’s Winter Fashion Flavor

These suggestions for your men’s winter fashion combos should give you enough ideas to formulate your own. Looking good and keeping your butt warm at the same time is not a bad thing. When you get those appreciative looks from others even when you’re feeling like Frosty the Snowman, you’ll know I’m right.

And for more on building your Male Matter style essentials for every occasion, keep your eye out on MaleMatter.com!

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