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Penomet Enhancement Pump – Review

Penomet Penis Enhancement PumpOK, I’ll admit it – my penis isn’t as big as I’d like it to be.

I’m about average at a little more than 6 inches but I’ve always wanted to be ‘porn star’ big, if you know what I mean. It’s also bent to the right which doesn’t affect my ability to make love but just looks a bit weird.

It’s because of these 2 main reasons that I decided to try the Penomet pump. Yes, it’s another penis pump system and yes there are literally tons of them on the market, but the Penomet pump is different. It uses water, not air, to create a vacuum in the pump tube to lengthen your penis. The same pressure also causes an increase in girth.

So I bought one and started using it. It was sent in a plain brown package (thank goodness). When I got it I read all the instructions (hey, it’s my penis and I don’t want to hurt it) to make sure I knew how to use it correctly. On the website and in the box there are instructions for how to use it with actual exercises to get the maximum increase in length and girth. Once I was done I climbed in the shower and got started.

I can honestly say that after only the first 15 to 20 minutes I actually started seeing results. Not huge results, but I could see that it was working. After a couple of weeks I had gained more than an inch (there are length markings on the device) and my penis actually was getting straighter.

They say that it’s ‘scientifically proven’ but you never know, right. Well, I can say that in real world use it did work. That’s all the scientific proof that I need!

One of the reasons I bought the Penomet pump was the money back guarantee, but I won’t be needing it because I’m very happy with what it has done for me. I’m bigger and thicker, my manhood is straighter and I actually have more intense orgasms now too. Bonus!

If you want to have a bigger johnson and have better orgasms I highly recommend the Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump. It has worked for me and helped my sex life, and my confidence, greatly.